Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Other On-Line Retailers You Must See!!

Do you want a custom outfit for your daughter, complete with smocking and unique fabrics? If so, you have to see http://www.piper-sydneyscloset.com/!! These outfits are so cute (and the little model is too!) Piper makes each and every one herself...and loves every minute of it! She has something for everyone, like jumpers, holiday outfits, mother-daughter outfits, christening gowns, Euro styles and the list goes on! The traditional smocking is so precious and she has dozens of outfits showcased on her site to prove it! Wish I had ordered Sami's first birthday dress here! I had to settle for a pants outfit....albeit a very cute pants outfit!

If you don't see what you like, not a problem at all. Piper will help custom design your outfit! Since all her clothes are custom designed, this is her speciality! Her advice is endless. For instance, she prefers closure buttons instead of zippers on her beautiful creations, for authenticity and style! This one little change makes such a difference!
The fabric selections are also fantastic! Go look at her "stash". She has everything from corduroy to silk, and from pastels to colors that make you say "Wow!". This is especially appealing to me! I think I will get a cheetah smocked outfit for my girl! Look out Piper, here I come!

And, I can't forget to tell you this! She also has other speciality items, like custom purses and tooth fairy pillows! How adorable!!!!

Go on over and see if you agree with me, www.Piper-SydneysCloset.com. Hurry though! One day, Piper will not be able to fill all these orders personally. I just know this business is going to take off! And when it does, you can tell everyone "I have an original Piper creation made by Piper herself!"

If you visit Piper's site, tell her "hello" for me!

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