Monday, February 2, 2009

Flashing and Floating Bath Tub Toys - All The Rage

Flashing and floating toys for the bathtub are everywhere! Well, we didn't want to be left out.
We carry Flashy Quackers and Flashy Croakers in our bathtime boutique. These trendy toys have flashing lights that are activated by touch (two small raised dots on the underneath) or by warm water. We have individual ducks and frogs or families of four. For more fun in the water, some families allow the parent duck or frog to carry all the babies on its back. Kids really have fun stacking them on! Plus, it helps develop those little motor skills. We also have ducks that can swim, quack, flash and squirt water from a blue or pink crown on its head.

Here's a quick list:

We also have bath squirtees! Come see our animals, camo ducks and transportation sets with cars, trucks and helicopters!

Happy Shopping!

Jill Bramlett Douglas


When my girl was an infant, she was so fascinated by the flashing lights of the ducks and frogs I placed in the bath with her. Now, as a toddler, she has figured out they are activated by water or by touch. (Okay, sometimes she bops them on the head and they work... but that's not how they are designed!) I hope your kids love them as much as mine!

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