Monday, November 24, 2008

Grand E-Opening: Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Infants and Toddlers

We are officially open for e-business and just in time for Christmas! Let me introduce you to our store and then give you some great Christmas ideas! Our boutique caters to those who like out of the ordinary items. We create our own designs for onezies, tee shirts and diaper covers, from classic to trendy. Our unique designs include rhinestones, appliques and embroidery. You can pick one of our designs or create your own! We promise that you will love our designs! Where else would you find a minky dalmation print dog on a onesie? Or, a rhinestone fleur de lis or longhorn on a onezie? Want us to embroider a name on a shirt and add a rhinestone crown? Great, we do that and much more.

What next? Pick a pair of baby legs to coordinate or clash with the one piece snap suit or shirt! Again, we have many combinations to show you, but feel free to create your own! We also carry other designers of boutique items, such as Swankie Blankie, Baby Legs and Elegant Baby.

Top 10 CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS For Infants and Toddlers

1. My First Christmas Onezie or Tee: Cute design with alternating red and green letters spelling out "My First Christmas" complemented by a large gift box with big bow in coordinating colors. Or, personalize and substitute in a name for the "my". Designed to fit on a onezie, tee shirt or bib.

2. Swankie Blankie Hooded Towels: These are so luxurious and warm! Swankie Blankie makes the best hooded towel which is carried in high end department stores and boutiques! Each hood is in minky or satin fabric. Swankie Blankie even has hoods in minky swirl and minky super plush stripe. They come in solids and great fabric patterns like camo, zebra, cheetah, giraffe and polka dot. These can be used from birth to the toddler years. Monogramming included for a limited time.

3. Flashing Rubber Ducks with Santa Hats and Scarves: There is a parent and 3 baby ducks in each set. These are so captivating for babies and toddlers. We see video of these great bath toys on youtube all the time. Dim the lights to really have fun!

4. Baby Legs Outfit: Can you believe leggings are back in style? These cute and trendy baby legs can be worn on legs or arms, from infant to adulthood! Keep those little ones warm and protect the legs of those little crawlers! Great for quick changing diapers too! There are a variety of designs, from classic to funky. There is argyle, holiday themed, sports themed, a pirate skull with cross bones, striped, polka dotted and much, much more! Then custom design a onezie or tee shirt to match or clash!

5. Santa Rocks! : Rhinestone design that says "Santa Rocks". Complete with Santa hat on the "S" and rhinestone snowflakes.

6. Snowman Onezie or Shirt: Cute little snowman with applique hat that comes in a variety of fabrics. Pick from brown paisley, zebra, cheetah, camo and more.

7. Deer Santa?? Camo Onezie or Shirt: Our cute green camo top is perfect for little hunters. Complete with a cheeky little "Deer Santa??" monogrammed in red. For those with a sense of humor.

8. Baby on the Go! meal or snack tote: This handy little tote is perfect for those who travel at Christmas. You can refrigerate the entire tote with more than one meal and go! Comes with bowls, sippy cups, snack cups, lids and utensils.

9. Diaper Covers: Cute! How about one mongrammed with a large single initial in background and name in foreground, surrounded by floating polka dots accented with trim! Pick Christmas colors or any color you like! Or, choose a minky diaper cover instead. Great for quick changing those little diapered ones!

10. Security Blanket by Swankie Blankie: Super plush in a wide array of patterns like hooded towels described in number 2 above! Little girls like matching ones for their dolls. Toddlers can stop tripping over big blankets! Comes rolled, fluffed and ribboned on each end. No wrapping necessary. Measures 13 1/2 x 16 inches.

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